Teacher Education Program

Admission to Concord University does not guarantee admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Candidates must satisfy all admission requirements  to be admitted into the Teacher Education Program. Candidates will be emailed TEP admission status letters the first week of November during the fall semester, and the first week of April during the spring semester. Failure to satisfy all requirements by the deadline provided in admission status letters will result in Teacher Education Program denial for the semester in which application was made. Candidates may re-apply for admission the following semester.

Successful completers of a certified WV Careers in Education Program do not need to complete all sections of the Professional Portfolio. These candidates will only be required to complete the Introduction section of the Portfolio. In addition to the Introduction materials listed, candidates will be required to include documentation of passing NOCTI exam scores in this section of the Portfolio. Completers of WV Careers in Education Program are still required to satisfy all other admission requirements, excluding the 75-hours working with youth.

Teacher Education Program (TEP) Admission Requirements

  • 1

    Complete EDUC210: Diversity, Culture and Education in a Pluralistic Society, with a grade of “C” or better and successfully complete the required 45-hour field based experience. Candidates transferring EDUC210 from another institution must provide documentation of a completed 45-hour school-based field experience in the form of a course syllabi stating the hours of the field practicum, a copy of the signed field practicum time log(s), or other proof of your participation in a 45 hour field practicum; if hours are lacking they will need to be completed during another clinical experience.

  • 2

    Complete EDSP303, Introduction to Special Education, with a grade of “C” or better.

  • 3

    Completion of at least 24 earned credit hours

  • 4

    Completion of the specific coursework from General Education Program listed below, with a 2.00 GPA for these specified courses

    • ENGL101 Composition and Rhetoric I (3hr) – grade of ‘C’ or better required
    • ENGL102 Composition and Rhetoric II (3hr) – grade of ‘C’ or better required
    • COMM101 Fundamentals of Speech (3hr) – grade of ‘C’ or better required
    • Mathematics (3hr): One MATH course 100 level or above (excludes MATH305)
    • Natural Sciences (3-4hr): One Natural Science course
    • Social & Behavioral Sciences (3hr): One Social & Behavioral Science course
  • 5

    Attain an overall GPA of at least 2.50 in all coursework attempted (including transfer credit). The Cohort Average Overall GPA of candidates during the semester of application must be at least 3.00. If the cohort average is not met, individual candidates with an overall GPA of less than 2.75 (beginning with the lowest applicant GPA) will be denied program admission, until the 3.00 cohort average has been met.

  • 6

    Completion of Pre-Admission to TEP seminars. Seminars are held in September during the fall semester, and in February during the spring semester. Candidates will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ via email upon completion, which must be included in their Portfolio.

  • 7

    Completion of an Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA) by a Department of Education faculty member. EDA will be administered during EDUC210 or EDUC305 via LiveText. For candidates who have not have an EDA completed, one will be completed by an education faculty member prior to TEP Full Admission. Candidates must sign the ‘EDA Acknowledgment Statement,’ and include it in the Introduction of their portfolio. Candidates do not need to include the completed EDA evaluation.

  • 8

    Candidates will include a Pre-Professional Profile in their TEP Portfolio. This document will be covered in detail during the Pre-Admission to TEP Seminar. This document should include contact information, a professional picture of yourself, relevant experience/ coursework, interests/hobbies, personal and professional goals. This will be a part of the co-selection process which occurs prior to candidate residency placement; schools will be provided candidate profiles. The Pre-Professional Profile will be updated prior to Residency I admission.

  • 9

    Completion of a Basic Skills Competency Assessment in Reading, Writing and Math by the CU Department of Education Office (see page 3 of TEP Admission Packet for competency criteria). The Basic Skills Competency Assessment will be included in candidate’s TEP status letter. Candidates who do not meet competency criteria at the time of TEP application will be eligible for TEP Provisional Admission, as long as all other TEP admission requirements
    have been met. Competency criteria must be met prior to residency admission, and for a candidate to transition to TEP Full Admission.

  • 10

    Submit a professional portfolio via LiveText to the Department of Education. Portfolios are due to the Department of Education via LiveText the last working day of September during the fall semester, and the last working day of February during the spring semester. Candidates whose portfolios are not approved will be given recommendations for improvement, or will be counseled concerning their admission into the TEP. Portfolio requirements will be reviewed in detail during the Pre-Admission to TEP Seminars. See pages 4-5 for portfolio requirements.

    Note: Completers of a WV Careers in Education Program do not need to complete all sections of the TEP Portfolio. These candidates only complete the Portfolio’s ‘Introduction’ section in LiveText. In addition to the Introduction materials listed on page5, candidates will be required to include documentation of passing NOCTI exam scores in this section of the Portfolio These candidates are also exempt from the 75-hour working with youth TEP admission requirement.

  • 11

    75-hours of formal experience(s) working with children/youth (birth -12th grade) in organized/structured setting(s) prior to TEP admission. Hours must be completed outside of clinical experiences associated with education coursework. Diverse experiences are preferred within an instructional setting. Appropriate experiences might include: Scouts, 4-H, Energy Express, tutoring in afterschool or summer programs, camp counselors, coaching, library read-aloud, art/music/theatre programs, involvement at a daycare center, etc. Hours must be documented through signed letters on official letterhead from teachers, supervisors or leaders. This documentation must provide a description of what the hours involved, the dates and/or timeframe in which the hours were completed, and the total number of hours completed. All documentation must be included in the candidate’s TEP Portfolio. The 75 hours should be from within the last 3 years. Private tutoring, babysitting and clerical style work will not towards these hours.