M.Ed. Educational Leadership & Supervision Certificate Program (Pre K – Adult)

Please be sure to select "Master of Education" on the Concord University admission application

Educational Leadership and Supervision (36 hrs)

Professional Education Core

  • EDUC 510 Models of Curriculum and Instruction (3hr)
  • EDUC 520 Educational Research (3hr)
  • EDUC 530 Integrating Technology in the Teaching/Learning Process (3hr)
  • EDUC 540 Assessment & Evaluation in Education (3hr)

Educational Leadership and Supervision Content

  • EDUC 525 Educational Trends and Issues (3hr)
  • EDUC 535 Theories of Educational Leadership (3hr)
  • EDEL 500 Public School Administration (3hr) 20 hour clinical at the elementary level
  • EDEL 570 Organization and Management for Public Schools (3hr) 20 hour clinical at the high school level
  • EDEL 580 Public School Law (3hr) 20 hour clinical at a county Board of Education Office
  • EDEL 590 School and Community Relations (3hr) 20 hour clinical at the middle school level
  • EDEL 550*Action Research/Internship I (3hr) 107 hour internship at employment location
  • EDEL 560 Action Research/Internship II (3hr) 108 hour internship at employment location

EDEL 500, EDEL 570, EDEL 580 and EDEL 590 must be completed prior to EDEL 550. EDEL 550 must be completed the semester prior to EDEL 560. For more information regarding specific courses, please refer to the Academic Catalog.

All clinical experiences must be completed under the supervision of a licensed administrator.

All candidates seeking an endorsement from WV BOE in Educational Leadership are required to pass PRAXIS II: Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision subject assessment test.