Vocabulary To Know @ CU

Advisor Faculty/staff member who assists students in selecting classes each academic term and is a resource for questions of all kinds

Appeal Request by student for reevaluation of academic or financial status; approval not guaranteed

CACD Center for Academic & Career Development offers student assistance with coursework, advising, and financial aid

Bachelor of Arts Four-year degree that usually requires core courses in a variety of subject areas and may require a foreign language

Bachelor of Science Four-year degree that may require more intensive math and science courses and does not usually require a foreign language

Blue Book A small blank notebook required for many written exams (can be purchased in the Campus Store)

Blackboard On line resource used by instructors and students to post class materials and hold on line courses

Clickers Remotes used to answer questions in some classes so that everyone can participate in the lecture.

Commuter Student who does not live on campus

Corequisite Course that must be taken during the same term as another; often linked for registration purposes

Courses Offered List of courses offered each semester, including times, locations, instructors, etc.

CRN Course Reference Number; a five-digit code assigned to each section of each class, used to identify and register for classes

Cumulative GPA Average of all grades from all semesters

Dean Academic head of a college or school

Dean’s List Awarded each semester to full-time students who earn a 3.5 GPA or higher with no incompletes or withdrawals

Degree Works An on line tool that allows students to understand their degree requirements and progression

Earned Credit Hours The number of hours earned for completing a course

Elective A course that is not required for general education or major program requirements. Electives may be needed to reach the 120 hours required for graduation

FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid; must be completed each year in order to receive financial aid; helps the government determine how much aid a student is eligible to receive

FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act; form that allows a student to choose who can receive his or her academic and financial information

Four-Year Plan Outline of the classes a student needs to take in order to graduate in four years

Full-Time 12 or more credit hours in a semester

General Education Curriculum designed to ensure that students develop a foundation of skills that incorporates coursework from across the disciplines

“I” Incomplete; a temporary grade given to students who do not complete the assigned work for a class; must have contracted with the instructor to complete the work by a specific date

Internship  Work experience often related to an academic area of interest; can be paid or unpaid.

Minor Area of emphasis outside the major; typically 15-18 credit hours of coursework

MTWRF Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; how the days of the week are indicated on the Courses Offered page

Plagiarism Using someone else’s work without properly citing them; carries serious consequences

Prerequisite Course that must be completed before another class; Ex: ENGL 101 must be completed before enrollment in ENGL 102

Probation Academic probation is a warning for students who fall below a 2.0 GPA; financial aid probation is a warning for students who fall below certain grade and course completion requirements set by that office

Progression Sheet Sheet containing all General Education and required courses for a specific major; used to keep track of a student’s academic progress

RA Resident assistant; an upperclassman who lives in the residence for students living in the hall

RD Residence Director; manages residence hall and staff

Registrar Office that deals with all student academic records, such as transcripts, and oversees all registration policies and procedures

Scantron A sheet often used to take multiple choice exams; can be purchased at the Campus Store

SGA Student Government Association; serves as a voice for students on campus

Suspension Academic suspension is removal from courses for a designated period (one semester, one year, or five years) for not meeting academic standards; financial aid suspension is removal from financial aid for a period of time based on requirements set by that office

Towers Residential Complex; two connected residence halls

Tutoring Free; academic assistance for students in specific subjects

“W”  Withdrawal; Shows up on a transcript when a student drops a class after the first week of classes; it is okay to get a few but not make a pattern of it

Work Study part of a financial aid award; on-campus work that can be used to help pay tuition