Early Childhood Regents Bachelors of Arts (ECRB)

The Early Childhood Regents Bachelor of Arts (ECRB) Program is designed specifically for individuals working in (or are interested in working in) an early childhood setting. The ECRB program offers an affordable and flexible way to obtain a bachelors level degree. The ECRB program builds on previous training that early childhood paraprofessionals and others working in the early childhood field may have often already obtained. The ECRB course of study is completely online.

Most ECRB courses have a twenty-hour field observation embedded where participants take the content from course work and apply it to their work setting. Graduates of the ECRB program are eligible to continue their education at the master’s level. After an application is complete, potential students are advised and degree plans are designed on an individual basis.

A group of diverse students sitting at tables in a daycare playing with colorful shapes and reading picture books

To be eligible for Concord University’s Early Childhood Regents Bachelor of Arts program, students must be four years removed from their high school class graduation date.

All Early Childhood Regent Bachelor of Arts students will receive in-state tuition, regardless of where they are from! Learn more about the Tuition & Fees for Concord University on our webpage.

Communication 6
Humanities 6
Natural Sciences 3
Social Sciences 6
Mathematics or Computer Applications 6
Additional General Education Electives 9
Electives/ College Equivalency Credit (Can include CDA and CDS Certificates) 24
Total Hours 60
Fall Semester #1
ECRB 100 ECRB Orientation 1
ECRB 200 Child Development 4
ECRB 201 Environments for YC 4
ECRB 307 Working with Families of YC 4
Total Hours Fall Semester #1 13
Spring Semester #1
ECRB 100 ECRB Orientation* 1
ECRB 300 EC Social Studes for Young Children 4
ECRB 301 Math for Young Children 4
ECRB 302 EC Science for Young Children 4
ECRB 303 EC Art for Young Children 4
Total Hours Spring Semester #1 16/17
Fall Semester #2
ECRB 304 Challenging Behavior I 4
ECRB 305 Challenging Behavior II 4
ECRB 402 Intro to Assessment 4
ECRB 403 Assessment Application 4
Total Hours Fall Semester #2 16
Spring Semester #2
ECRB 202 Language and Literacy 4
ECRB 306 Technology for Childcare 4
ECRB 400 Childcare for YC with Special Needs 4
ECRB 404 EC Capstone 3
Total Hours Fall Semester #1 15
Total Hours 60

* Taken during Spring Semester #1 if starting program in Spring. Otherwise take during Fall semester #1

Time Frame: 2 years with continuous enrollment (Fall/Spring/Fall/Spring)

Visit our Academic Catalog for more information about the course requirements for a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.

Many of our Early Childhood Regents Bachelor of Arts graduates go on to pursue a graduate degree in education (with teaching license), social work, and health promotion. If interested in obtaining teaching certification, check with your state’s certification department!