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The mission of Concord University is to improve the lives of our students and communities, through innovative teaching and learning, intellectual and creative activities, and community service and civic engagement.

Upcoming Events

Kahoot - College Survival Skills

Subway Stage Area

Center for Academic and Career Development

February20Tuesday12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Artist Lecture Series - Daniel Spurgeon, Organ


Dr. Jacob Womack

February20Tuesday7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Life Skills Tips Workshop

Main Lobby

Cristina Reagan

February21Wednesday11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Featured Stories

Amy Walker '12
Admissions Counselor

Amy chose Concord University for her education because she knew that here, much like the high school where she graduated, she could have a personal relationship with the people teaching her. Now, as an admissions counselor and Concord graduate, Amy works with students, their families, and area high schools to show them what CU can do for students who want a quality education. Contact Amy or any of our admissions counselors for one-on-one guidance through the admission process.

“I try to make the admission and enrollment process as seamless as possible.”

Photo of Amy Walker

Amy Walker '12

Admissions Counselor

Dr. Samantha Byrd, DSW, MSW, LGSW Assistant Professor/Training Manager

Dr. Samantha Byrd, DSW, MSW, LGSW, '16 '18

Assistant Professor/Training Manager

Carli Dotson '16

Carli Dotson '16

Draper, VA

A photo of Michael Yost, Concord University class of 2017

Michael Yost

Class of 2017

Nicholas Gonzales
Class of 2005

Nicholas Gonzales (’05) majored in Tourism Events Planning and Programming and studied under Roy Ramthun, Susan Williams, and others. While at Concord, he could be found in Student Support Services as a Peer Mentor, in the Arts Gallery as an Exhibit Guard, or out at the drive-in. He initially chose Concord because it was the furthest place from where he grew up, but was still in-state to take advantage of in-state tuition. However, over time he realized it was a good choice for many reasons. He describes his experience at Concord, “I credit CU for the success I have in my life as my experiences included three-day hiking trips in Virginia, meeting the Walt Disney World internship recruiter, whitewater rafting, a Northcoast tour with the Geography professors, a swing-dance recital, and the collection of diverse friends I made from all over the country. All helped shape my character and build a portfolio of experiences that I apply to everyday life.” He was able to balance a dynamic social life while staying on track with his studies by taking advantage of the tutoring service available on campus. Nicholas is currently serving as General Manager of Farmville’s Hotel Weyanoke. Now married with three children, Nicholas says, “I am successful and happy, and a lot of that is because of Concord University and the education, books and beyond, that I received in my time there.”