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The mission of Concord University is to improve the lives of our students and communities, through innovative teaching and learning, intellectual and creative activities, and community service and civic engagement.

Upcoming Events

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Penny Drive Fundraiser

Josie Crawford

April15Monday8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Student Government Association

State Room

Amberlie Wilson

April15Monday4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Collegians for Christ

AB Conference Room

Trena Stovall

April15Monday7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Featured Stories

Dr. Tracy Luff
Professor of Sociology & Director of Honors Program

The sociology field is ever growing, and Dr. Luff is committed to evolving the CU program. There is now an emphasis in Criminology for students interested in law related careers. She is working on a new course in Medical Sociology for students planning careers in health and medicine. Dr. Luff says this will also help students prepare for the sociology component of the MCAT. The department also offers minors in Women & Gender Studies and Addiction Studies. Regardless of what your career aspirations are, Dr. Luff and our faculty are committed to meeting the needs and interests of our students.

Dr. Tracy Luff, Professor of Sociology & Director of Honors Program

Dr. Tracy Luff

Professor of Sociology & Director of Honors Program

Zoey Shamblin

Zoey Shamblin

Sociology Major with Criminology Emphasis

A photo of Rachel Clay in front of a neutral background

Rachel Clay

Nursing Major

Dr. Joan Pendergast

Dr. Joan Pendergast

Chair, Department of Social Work and Title IX Coordinator

Madison Dye
Psychology Major

Madison Dye, class of 2024, went to Oak Hill High School. Her main activities in addition to her studies include cheerleading, walking her dog, and working. She began attending Concord University in 2021, and chose a psychology major with an emphasis in criminology. Madison chose CU because it’s a legacy in her family, following in the footsteps of her father, grandparents, and beyond, who all attended Concord. Some of her favorite memories of her time at Concord revolve around competing at Disney with the cheer team! When asked about something many don’t know about her, she relates, “In high school, I took a four-year course and completed various trainings for an aerospace engineering program learning how to operate a flight simulator!”