Residential Staff

Residence Life Training, Philosophy and Programming

Other than training for specific job requirements such as first aid/CPR, conflict management, fire safety, etc., your residence hall staff participates in Natural Helpers training to enhance their communication and helping skills. At the heart of Concord’s residence hall operation is the desire to develop an atmosphere which encourages wellness within both the individual student and the entire community. The Office of Housing and Residence Life supports wellness through student involvement and interaction in residence hall programming. Our programming model focuses on the following areas: academic success, community development, diversity, personal safety, personal development, and health/wellness. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the programs offered in their residence halls. Residents are welcome to share ideas for programs that they would like to participate in and/or help plan.

Director of Housing and Residence Life

The Director provides leadership, administration, coordination, and evaluation for the entire Housing and Residence Life program.
Contact Information
Office: 304-384-5231

Resident Directors

Our residential facilities are directly administered by 3 full-time professional coordinators called Resident Directors, or RDs. The RD’s homes are located within the residence hall they are assigned to administer. Each RD is fully responsible for supervision of their building and for coordinating and supporting the Residence Life staff. RD’s are specially trained in counseling, communication, problem solving, first aid/CPR, fire safety, and other areas important to facilitating life in a residence hall. The RDs have an office located in room 201 of the Student Center.

Residential Director Home Main Desk
North Tower 304-384-5138 304-384-5132
South Tower 304-384-5139 304-384-5133
Wilson Hall & Mill Street 304-384-5140 304-384-5136

Resident Assistants

Every residence hall has a staff of Resident Assistants (RAs). These upper-class students live on each floor as representatives of the Student Life staff. The RAs are skilled paraprofessionals who have been trained in several areas to make the student’s experience in the residence hall healthy, safe, fun, educational and memorable.

Interested in becoming an RA? Our formal hiring process starts in the Spring semester of every academic year. We traditionally hold interest meetings where interested residential students can get information about what the job is like from both an RD and an RA’s perspective. Interested individuals are then required to fill out an application and submit a resume to the Office of Housing and Residence Life, as well as sign up for a Mock Duty Night and Challenge Day. Mock Duty Nights give interested individuals the opportunity to experience the behind the scenes things that work to keep the residence halls functioning properly and efficiently. We also provide the opportunity to get to know our applicants on a deeper level, with our Challenge Day activities. These activities are team building activities specifically geared toward seeing how our applicants interact with our returning staff members. We want to ensure that our staffs are equipped with a broad spectrum of personalities and backgrounds in order to provide our residents with the best living environment as possible.

Public Safety Officers

A Public Safety Officer is stationed at the North Tower Main Desk, which also doubles as a Public Safety security station each morning from 12:00 midnight until 7:00 a.m. while the University is in session. Electronic entry systems provided in each residence hall are patched back to the North Tower Main Desk, allowing a Public Safety Officer to monitor students and visitors entering and exiting each living area during the above provided hours. In addition, Public Safety Officers complete nightly duty rounds, monitor exterior doors for safety, and assist the Resident Director and Resident Assistant staff with disruptive and/or emergency situations.

Concord University Public Safety Main Office
Emergency: 911

Custodial Staff

Each residence hall has an assigned set of housekeeping staff which work routine daytime hours, Monday through Friday. The building custodial personnel are responsible for the general upkeep and appearance of the facility, but are not expected to clean any intentional mess left by students. Custodial staff obligations do not include cleaning individual student rooms, or suite bathrooms in North and South Towers.

Staff Duty Hours

Residence Life Staff, including one Resident Director who covers the entire campus and one or more RAs working in each building, are on active duty from 5:30 p.m. to 12:00 midnight every day. RD duty responsibilities include working closely with the RA staff, completing campus-wide rounds, and responding to emergencies. The RA on duty is available to answer questions, maintain building safety and oversee other services. To ensure student safety, the RA on duty also does rounds in their residence hall and is required to sleep/remain in the building throughout the night in case of an emergency. All on-duty Residence Life Staff members are in direct communication with Public Safety.