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ATHENS, W.Va. – Inside—>Out: Incarceration is an instillation of art work created by incarcerated artists in the West Virginia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (WVDCR), and the community is invited to see this touring exhibit at Concord University’s Alexander Fine Arts Center February 6 through March 3.

The instillation is a collaborative project between artists in the WVDCR and Reentry Advocates. It explores the humanity of incarcerated individuals using their abilities to put good into the world, even while being excluded from it, and engages with the social issues of incarceration and reentry.

“The Sociology Department is excited to bring this unique multi-media art show curated from artists in West Virginia prisons and jails to our region,” said Lori Pace, instructor of criminology at Concord University. “This exhibit will take you through a journey representing trauma, incarceration, and accountability.”

Some of the artists risked sanctions for using innovative materials that would be considered contraband once altered: toilet paper, bread, broken pencils, color soaked from candy.

“The resilience of the human spirit and desire to communicate through art is inspiring,” said Pace.

Nationally, about 95% of inmates will eventually return to our communities and many of the felonies in West Virginia are drug involved in some way. Some of the artist in the exhibit are serving life sentences, but most will be paroled or released at some point.

“The art in this show helps us see them as a human, not just a felon,” said Pace.

The pieces will be displayed in the Butcher Art Gallery from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. There is no admission cost. This grant funded event is sponsored by Uplift West Virginia, The REACH Initiative – Education and Training, and the Just Trust.

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