They Were Here

Over the years, Concord University has had a vast number of famous speakers from far and wide who have come to speak with students from this very campus. The following list is a comprehensive list of everyone who’s visited the campus from 1931 to today.

1931 Beck, Cameron Personnel Director, New York Stock Exchange
1931 Harding, A.M. Noted Astronomer
1932 Zimmer Harp Trio Internationally known
1934 Conley, Phillip WV Historian, author, editor, publisher; originated the Golden Horseshoe Contest for 8th Graders
1934 Thomas, Lowell American journalist, radio commentator, explorer, lecturer; best remembered for his association with T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)
1936 Earhart, Amelia American aviation pioneer; first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
1937 Durant, Will American historian; author of The History of Civilization
1937 Gilliam, Strickland American poet; most famous for ‘The Reading Mother’
1938 Kubik, Howard Concert Pianist; accompanied Muriel Dickson
1938 Fisher, Suzanne 1st West Virginian to sing at the Metropolitan Opera; wife of Clifford Menz. This couple gave the wodden guest book to the Marsh family
1939 Dickson, Muriel Scottish Soprano
1939 Sandberg, Carl Poet, biographer, writer, editor; honorary Poet Laureate of America; Presidential Medal Of Freedom; winner of three Pulitzer prizes
1939 Bagley, William American educator; author; credited as the founder of Essentialist Theory
1940 Hoback, Helen Interpreter of Shakespeare
1941 Preston, Howard ‘America’s singing actor’ Baritone with the Chicago Opera Company
1941 Guardsmen Quartet
1943 Park, No Yong Harvard scholar; lecturer on oriental questions. Called the Chinese Mark Twain. Topic of discussion was ‘How to lick the Japs’
1943 Meadows, Clarence Governor, West Virginia
1944 Carr, Robert K. Professor at Dartmouth; Executive Secretary of President Harry Truman’s committee on Civil Rights
1947 Davies, Rhys Member of British Parliament
1948 Chautemps, Camille Premier of France (Reelected 4 times)
1953 Metcalfe, John Former Washington diplomat; correspondent for New York Times and Time Magazine
1953 Joffrey, Robert Robert Joffrey Theatre Dancers
1956 Harris, Ray America’s Leading Symphonist
1958 Miller, Glen The Glen Miller Orchestra
1959 Humphrey, Hubert H. Senator Humphrey campaigns on campus
1960 Roosevelt, Eleanor Campaigns on campus
1960 Kennedy, John F. Campaigns on campus
1960 Kennedy, Robert Accompanies brother on campaign
1960 Weaver, Charlie Comedian; judge for Miss Pine Tree contest
1961 Robey, John British diplomat – British foreign policy toward Communist China
1961 Mahood, Alex B. Parisian trained architect; designed and built some of the most characteristic and stately structures in WV
1962 Barron, W. W. Governor, State of West Virginia
1963 Cashmore, Thomas Bishop of Dunwich, Church of England
1965 Byrd, Robert C. U.S. Senator
1965 Hays, Brooks Member of the U.S. House or Representatives from Arkansas
1965 The Kingsmen Musicians
1965 Smith, Hulett C. Governor of West Virginia
1966 The Chiffons All girl band
1969 The Delmonicos Doo Wop band
1969 The Four Seasons
1969 Anthony and the Imperials
1969 Chatfield, Hale Poet
1969 Goralski, Robert NBC news Washington correspondent
1969 Randolph, Jennings U.S. Senator
1969 Classics IV Performed at homecoming
1969 Levine, Irving R. NBC news bureau chief, Rome
1970 West, Don Fonuder Appalachian Folklife Center; activist, poet, minister, historian
1970 Commager, Henry Historian, author, professor at Amherst
1970 Toffler, Alvin Author of Future Shock
1970 Brooklyn Bridge Singing group
1970 Hinderas, Natalie Pianist; cultural ambassador U.S. Dept. of State
1970 Rostow, Walt Advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson
1970 Denver, John Country Roads – Singer, Songwriter
1970 The Guess Who
1971 The James Gang (Joe Walsh, later with The Eagles)
1971 Buck, Pearl WV author; Pulitzer Prize for Literature
1971 Ciardi, John Poetry editor of Saturday Review magazine
1971 Friedan, Betty Feminist; author of the Feminine Mystique; co-founder of the National Organization of Women
1971 Phillips, Channing Minister, civil rights leader, social activist; First African American placed in nomination for President of U.S.; headed Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968
1971 Salisbury, Harrison American journalist; author; first regular New York Times correspondent in Moscow after World War II
1971 Davis, Mac Singer & songwriter
1972 McNeill, Louise Louise McNeill Pease – was first a student at Concord, later became a faculty member and still later was named Poet Laureate of West Virginia
1972 O’Keefe, Dan Author; editor of Reader’s Digest. Creator of the Festivus Holiday made famous by the sitcom Seinfeld. His son was a writer for the show.
1972 & 1974 Taylor, Livingston Singer & songwriter
1974 POCO American country rock band
1975 The Earl Scruggs Revue
1975 Rockefeller, Jay West Virginia Secretary of State – candidate for Governor
1975 Westmoreland, William United States Army General, most notably commander of the United States forces during the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1968. He served as Chief of Staff of the United States Army from 1968 to 1972.
1975 Anderson, Jack Syndicated columnist; author
1976 Huff, Sam Star, National Football League
1976 Burton, Patricia Historian – specializing in Lord Dunmore’s War & Battle of Point Pleasant
1976 Hersh, Seymour New York Times investigative reporter during Watergate
1976 Sprouse, James West Virginia Supreme Court Justice; Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate
1977 Hatfield, Mark Republican Senator from Oregon – Convocation keynote speaker
1977 Frederick, Pauline Outstanding woman in journalism 1976
1978 Ginsberg, Leon Holocaust survivor
1978 Pure Prairie League
1978 Herbie, Mann Jazz musician
1979 Herman, Woody
1979 Maltin, Leonard American cartoonist, author, editor Disney
1979 Muddy Waters Master of Blues
1980 Ehrlich, David Concertmaster of the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra
1980 Duke, Paul Reporter; PBS Washington Week in Review; Wall Street Journal; NBC News
1980 Lucas, William Professional Singer
1981 Hal & Oates American pop rock duo
1981 Mason, Dave Top 40’s recording artist
1982 Hampton, Lionel Jazz musician – played with Benny Goodman and his orchestra
1982 King, Evelyn Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King singer, songwriter
1982 Pittsburgh Chamber Orchestra
1982 Barter Theatre
1983 Waterford, Helen Survivor of Auschwitz
1984 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
1984 Marshall Tucker Band
1984 Jefferson Starship
1985 Gannon, Frank Producer of video memoir of President Richard Nixon; former Nixon aide
1985 Pure Prairie League
1985 Klymaxx, Midnight Star, Shalamar
1985 Gillespie, Dizzy Jazz
1986 Hart, Corey Musician; I wear my sunglasses at night
1986 Chabaku, Motlalepula South African Activist
1986 Atlantic Star Pop Rock Group
1986 James, Peter N. Ex-spy CIA
1986 Osborne, Jeffrey Pop singer
1986 El De Barge Pop Singer
1986 Linville, Larry Actor, played Major Burns on Mash
1986 Theatre West Virginia
1986 Charleston String Quartet
1986 Alexander, Dolores Founder of Women Against Pornography
1987 Rockefeller, Jay Former Governor of West Virginia
1987 Clark, Ramsey Former United States Attorney General
1987 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
1987 Moore, Lloyd Photographer
1988 Carlin, George American comedian & actor
1988 Schlesinger, Arthur Aid to President Kennedy; Author; Pulitzer prize for history
1988 Kirkpatrick, Jeane Former U.S. Ambassador
1988 Doc Watson Grammy award winner; folk, blues; contemporary bluegrass
1988 Carlin, George Comedian
1989 Reaves, Sandra The new Queen of Blues
1989 Kool and the Gang
1990 Caperton, Gaston Governor, State of West Virginia
1990 Dane, Taylor Singer
1990 Kuntsler, William World renowned lawyer speaks about equal justice under the law
1991 Vanilla Ice American rapper
1992 Sinbad Comedian
1993 Farmer, James Civil Rights pioneer; founder of CORE Congress on racial equality
1994 Hentoff, Nat Authority on First Amendment; jazz critic
1994 Tabscott, Robert Recognized authority on Black history
1994 West Virginia Symphony
1995 Johnson, Wallace Libertarian candidate for Governor
1996 Pritt, Charlotte Candidate for Governor
1996 Manchin, Joe Politician, WV
1996 Miller, Jim W. Poet, novelist, essayist
1997 Fitzsimmons, Greg MTV Host, Comedian
1998 Karl, Jonathan CNN correspondent, author
1998 McKinney, Irene Poet Laureate of West Virginia
1998 Hutchinson, Barbara Bailey 1996 Grammy Winner
1998 Rahall, Nick Congressman
1998 Mountain Stage
1998 West, Cornell Author, Race Matters
1998 West Virginia Symphony
2002 Giovanni, Nikki Poet, educator, activist
2002 Compton, Mary Pearl Delegate, WV
2002 Bluestone, Robert Classical guitarist
2003 Settle, Mary Lee Appalachian author; Winner National Book Award
2003 Rockefeller, Jay United States Senator; former governor
2003 Gregory, Dick Comedian; civil rights activist; author
2004 Wise, Bob Governor, State of West Virginia
2004 Peltzer, Dave Author, Inspirational speaker
2004 Douglas, Susan Author; media critic
2004 Hechler, Ken Former WV Secretary of State; author; opponent of mountain top removal
2005 Fitzhugh, Steve Former NFL player
2005 Combs, Patrick Motivational speaker; storyteller
2005 Savage, Jeff Motigational speaker; author Millionaire by 40
2005 Morriss, Reggie Blues musician
2006 Birnbaum, Jeffery Journalist, Washington Post
2006 Irizarry, Ron Musician – opening act for N*Sync
2006 Browning, Joan Civil Rights activist
2007 Georgia Guitar Quartet
2007 Buckley, Geoff Assistant Professor of geology at Ohio University; lecture ‘extracting Appalachia’
2007 Strange Candy New York based theatre company – bilingual adaptation of Beijing Opera
2007 de Grassi, Alex World renowned guitarist
2007 The Princely Players Programs on the enslavement and liberation of blacks
2008 Clinton, William J. Former President, campaigning for his wife Hillary Clinton
2008 Jacobs, Bruce Activist, author of Race Matters
2008 Giovanni, Nikki Poet, writer, commentator, activist, educator
2008 Rahall, Nick Representative Rahall guest of honor for dedication of Rahall Tech Center
2009 McIntruff, Paul Federal Bureau of Investigation
2009 Huff, Sam Played for the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, inducted into the Football Hall of Fame – Fund for Concord dinner
2009 Quartet San Francisco
2009 Baltimore Consort 16th and 17th century music
2009 Haskins, Dennis Actor; played Mr. Belding, the principal on television show Saved by the Bell
2009 Casal, Rafael and Goode, John Slam poets
2009 Myers, Sylvester Author – From Coalfields to Oilfields and Beyond
2010 The Collegians
2010 Sugo, John Survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attack
2010 Kelly Bell Band Infusion of funk and jazz
2011 Prism Saxophone quartet
2011 Congdon, Jane Author; Concord grad
2011 Ireland, Betty WV Secretary of State – First female to hold position
2011 Giardina, Denise West Virginia author; Mountain party candidate for governor
2011 Crabtree, Becky Author
2012 Murphy, Landau Winner America’s got talent – CU benefit dinner
2012 Quink Dutch acapella group
2012 Schnellenberger, Howard Coach – Offensive coordinator on the NFL’s only undefeated team, the 1972 Miami Dolphins
2013 Four Pals Productions
2013 Badfish Rock Group
2014 Harshman, Marc Poet Laureate of West Virginia
2014 Liverpool Legends Beatles tribute band
2015 Wickline, Cody Contestant on The Voice
2015 Quillen, Rita Appalachian poet, author
2015 Raney, Bill President West Virginia Coal Association
2015 Davis, Ed Appalachian author
2016 Giovanni, Nikki Poet, writer, commentator, activist, educator
2016 Chomsky, Noam Via Skype – renowned linguistics professor, author, activist
2016 Marlon & Saburo Masada Japanese Americans who were placed in internment camp in 1941
2016 Tennant, Natalie West Virginia Secretary of State
2016 Lynn, Jennifer Transgender speaker
2016 Kozol, Jonathan Prominent author and speaker on the topic of America’s public education system
2016 Wilkinson, Richard Nationally acclaimed epidemiologist and inequality scholar
2016 Goodwin, Amy Mayor of Charleston (2019) former Commissioner of West Virginia Division of Tourism; Former Deputy Secretary of Commerce
2017 Pitts, Leonard Jr. Pulitzer Prize winning syndicated writer
2017 Inglis, Bob Former Congressman from South Carolina
2017 Browning, Joan Albany Freedom Rider
2018 Swope, Chandler State Senator
2018 Bassett, John III Author and entrepreneur
2018 MLK Jr. Male Chorus
2019 Duncan, Arne United States Secretary of Education from 2009 through December 2015