The fonts we use set the tone for a document. It is important that we make choices that convey that we are professional and that deliver our messages clearly. 

In the following sections you will find our official university fonts.

Bebas Neue Bold is to be used for the university unit name below the Concord U logo. See the section on school and unit lockups that retain the University wordmark and communicate individual identity.

Bebas Neue Bold

May be used for centering the mailing or web address below the bell tower and Concord U logos in certain instances. Cambria is also used for the body text and header text in many of our printed publications. Use this font wherever there are lengthy stretches of text.


Myriad Pro is a typeface used in printed publications for headers, subheaders, and body text. Myriad Pro-Semibold is also the typeface used in the university unit name below the bell tower logo.

Myriad Pro Bold Myriad Pro Semibold

The typeface Trajan Pro-Bold is used to create the words “CONCORD UNIVERSITY” in the bell tower logo. Trajan Pro-Bold is also used in printed publications and our website for purposes such as heading and subheading text

Trajan Pro Bold

Fonts compatible with the CU Mountain Lion logo and identity are Impact and Trajan Pro – Bold.  The primary Impact font is a skewed version.  The original version of the font is also used. In some instances, Trajan Pro – Bold, the primary Concord University academic font may be used along side or in athletic graphics.

Some of the university fonts may not be available free of charge on your computer, in which case they are available online for purchase. In the absence of these fonts, Times or Times New Roman may be used if approved. While these fonts are not intended to be used exclusively, they should be used when possible in order to build a strong, consistent visual identity for the University.