CU Branding Guide

CU Branding Guide


This page is still under construction. Some content is subject to change, please keep this in mind as you are reviewing these pages.

The Importance of Our Identity

Since 1872, Concord University has established a distinguished legacy of quality education for many generations of students in West Virginia and the surrounding regions. Over the years, our commitment has extended to reach students in more than 34 states and 30 nations. Our name and our “face” represents a dedication to learning and service in this area, and beyond. Now, as we head into the future of extending our reach even further through online learning and the electronic campus, it is more important than ever to maintain our strong and confident identity.

By using and adhering to the standards outlined below, we can ensure that our appearance always represents the strong tradition of quality learning and service that Concord University has come to embody.


The Office of Advancement is responsible for publications produced at the university level

If publications are found not to conform to the guidelines outlined in this manual and have not been approved as exceptions, the department or program producing the piece will be expected to take corrective action.

DO NOT try to duplicate the logos using your own fonts, etc. You can get electronic files of the logos from the Office of Advancement by calling 1-304-384-5211.


Due to the many desktop publishing applications, writing and designing publications is easier than ever before. This can be convenient, but not everyone is a designer or has had training or experience in producing materials for printing.

Materials and publications produced by various academic units often have a look unto themselves that may or may not be consistent with that of the rest of Concord. Because publications are one of the key marketing tools of the university, they should represent the university in a consistent and professional way. In addition, there are many factors to consider when producing materials for color printing.

If your department is going to produce a publication that will be more than one color, we suggest that you contact the Office of Advancement before you begin.


The Concord institutional identity was designed to achieve a standardized graphic identity for administrative and academic departments throughout the university. It is to be used according to the specific guidelines outlined in this guide.

For most printed publications, one of the versions of the logo in this guide should be used, depending on the layout and other aspects of the publication.

The logos using the CU Pawprint or Mountain Lion Head are primarily for the use of the Athletics department.