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Concord University Strategic Planning

From our humble beginnings in 1872 as a state normal school for teacher preparation, Concord University (CU) has grown and developed into a regional university transforming and enriching lives throughout Central Appalachia and beyond. This institutional and regional development has been accomplished through continuing excellence in teaching and learning, intellectual and creative activities, community service, and civic engagement by our faculty, staff, students, and alumni over nearly 150 years.

After the University developed its strategic plan, Journey to Distinction 2020, the external operating environment for higher education became significantly more disruptive and competitive. These changes have brought forth new threats and opportunities, which will be addressed through this update of our new strategic plan, The Way Forward 2023.

This plan is developed under two overarching and interdependent themes, which are stated simply as: “Revitalize the University” and “Sustain the University”. Under these broad themes more than a dozen strategic issues and opportunities were considered. The immediate, existential priorities led CU to select the following as the top strategic goals to be achieved by 2023:

  1. Revitalize Enrollment – to stabilize and increase enrollment and reverse declining enrollment trends.
  2. Enhance the Student Experience – to enhance the distinctly positive Concord Experience for students.
  3. Foster University Renewal – to accelerate CU’s progress from a surviving to a thriving institution.
  4. Enhance Self-sufficiency – to continuously improve financial self-sufficiency and decrease reliance on state allocations.