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Accounts Payable/Procurement

The Accounts Payable and Procurement Offices are tasked with procuring high quality goods and services at a reasonable cost and ensuring prompt compensation to vendors for those goods and services. The Accounts Payable and Procurement Offices manage through the issuance of purchase orders, direct invoice payments, or West Virginia Purchasing Card payments for approved vendor contracts and/or agreements or approved purchases for single purchase vendors. The Accounts Payable Office is available to assist vendors in receiving prompt payment for the goods and/or services provided to the University.

All vendors are encouraged to self-register as a vendor through the State of West Virginia. Vendors can request registration through the wvOasis Vendor Self Service Portal. The portal also allows the vendor to manage account profile, view financial transactions, and much more. Vendors who do not wish to register as a vendor through the State of West Virginia must submit an original Form W-9 to the University. The vendor must submit a completed form before goods and/or services can be ordered and/or received from the vendor. Registering as a vendor through the State of West Virginia could potentially reduce additional required paperwork with other state agency customers throughout the state as well.

The West Virginia Purchasing Card (P-Card) is the preferred method of payment providing an efficient and effective process for the payment of University expenditures. The P-Card reduces the payment processing time; therefore, whenever acceptable, vendors are paid via P-Card. Typically, any vendor that accepts major credit cards can accept P-Card payments.

Vendors that cannot accept the P-Card are processed as direct invoice payments through the wvOASIS system. Vendors do not have to self-register as a state vendor through the wvOASIS system to receive a direct invoice payment.  In such cases, the University can assist the vendor in through the registration process upon receipt of an original Form W-9. Direct invoice payment method inherently takes longer for vendors to receive payment since they are issued by the WV State Treasury in the form of paper checks.

The Procurement Office is available to assist contractors and/or vendors through the contract or agreement process for future goods and/or services to be provided to the University. Request for Purchase (RFPs) are required for any purchase, contract or agreement in excess of $50,000. RFPs are published in local newspapers and posted on-campus grounds. The following RFP forms are to be supplied by the vendor as a part of the vendor’s official RFP submission.

The Purchasing Affidavit certifying the bidder does not owe any debts to the State of West Virginia which would preclude them from receiving a purchase order.

The Drug-Free Workplace Coversheet should be completed and attached to the required report.

Price quotes submitted to a state agency on vendor created form(s) should also include the WV-96 Agreement.

Vendor Preference Certificate is used to claim vendor preference in accordance with West Virginia Code §5A-3-37.  Vendor Preference does not apply to construction contracts.

The Drug Free Affidavit is required to bid for public improvement contracts.

Disclosure of Interested Parties to Contracts is required for vendors entering into contracts with a value of $1,000,000 or more with state agencies.

Software price quotes, that include alternate terms and conditions, submitted to a state agency on vendor created form(s) should include WV-96A Agreement Software in lieu of the WV-96 Agreement.

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