HR’s Mission, Purpose, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Concord University Human Resources’ Mission is to attract, develop, and retain top qualified talent to meet the University’s strategic goals. Our journey toward excellence in human resources and organizational development supports and advances the University’s new strategic plan, The Way Forward 2023, via continuous and ongoing improvement.

Our Purpose

CU HR exists to support and serve the employees of Concord University in furtherance of the University’s Mission. We, therefore, facilitate achievement of the University’s strategic vision, advance its overall regional mission, and promote its foundational values through our employees, programs, products, and services.

As a tactical business partner, CU HR maximizes the value of human contribution through effective recruitment, selection, employment, placement, development, rewards, engagement, and retention of well-qualified, committed, and diverse faculty and staff.

Our Vision

CU HR earns the respect, trust, and appreciation of our employees and supports university growth and advancement through our internal consulting, talent development, problem resolution, and other quality, efficient, cost-effective, and value-added services.

Our Values

In support of the people who further the University’s strategic goals and mission, Concord HR embraces the principles and values of customer service excellence, servant leadership, inclusion, respect, equity, integrity, personal responsibility and continuous improvement.