Marketing is a career-oriented emphasis that provides a professional education as a Bachelor of Science. Students will become well-informed in advertising, promotion, sales, consumer behavior, public relations, marketing strategy, research, and in delivering value to customers. The mission of our marketing emphasis is to foster successful marketing professionals who provide outstanding value to their customers, employers, and communities.

Marketing careers attract driven individuals from the creative to the analytical. The marketing emphasis provides a curriculum that will challenge you to develop & learn the expertise essential to work in nearly any industry today with a focus heavily on customer satisfaction. The emphasis in marketing focuses on preparing students for careers such as Brand, Product, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, or PR Managers, as well as Research Analyst/Director, Media Director, Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner, or CRM Specialist.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Management occupations is projected to grow 10% from 2016-2026 with a median salary of  roughly $127,560

In addition to the Assurance of Learning Goals for the Business Administration Program, the marketing emphasis identifies the following learning objectives:

Develop marketing strategy and planning  Develop marketing plans while analyzing and interpreting marketing data and forecasting demand MKT 305 (I)

MKT 445 (M)

Apply principles of advertising theory Analyze the process of promoting within a modern business organization MKT 305 (I)

MKT 316 (M)

Understanding the profession of selling To develop analytical skills used to develop sales dialogue and communicate value MKT 305 (I)

MKT 320 (M)

Examine and apply theories of consumer behavior     Examine the theoretical and practical evolution of the study of consumer behavior and its implications in the marketing cycle and business world MKT 305 (I)

MKT 406 (M)

Examine the role of marketing research  Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific methodology as it applies to marketing decision making MKT 305 (I)

MKT 340 (M)

Introductory Level (I)      Mastery Level (M)