Do you want to write novels? Or, maybe you prefer to read and discuss with others what you’ve read? Maybe you enjoy writing and want to help others write more clearly? Concord University’s English major or minor may be for you!

An English major is also not only good preparation for graduate school, but also for Law School. You can find out more about the major by viewing our course requirements. 

Our English minor works well with many other majors and careers. Additionally, after you have completed your General Education requirements, you only need 3 more English classes for a minor! You can find out more about the minor by viewing our course requirements.

Possible Careers for an English major or minor:​

  • Creative Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Editing
  • Teaching
  • Producing / Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Marketing

Note: The English Program Goals identified below represent the “common denominator” of objectives shared by all Concord University English Programs: the B.A. English Programs and the B.S. Education, English 5-Adult Program.

English Program Educational Goals / Learning Outcomes

  1. Students in any English class will
    • Draw defensible inferences from close reading of texts
    • Apply critical thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation) to texts
    • Identify and explain interrelationships among textual elements within and across texts
    • Interpret texts within their historical and cultural contexts
    • Identify and evaluate ethical or moral values implied in texts.
  2. Students in any English class will
    • Write critically, supporting inferences by citing and interpreting specific textual evidence
    • Compose texts at a level of “adequate” or above, as defined by the English Program’s criteria for evaluation.
  3. English Program degree candidates will interpret texts spanning a wide range of historical and cultural contexts through a variety of critical lenses.
  4. English Program degree candidates will be able to evaluate aesthetic principles, methods, materials, and media that empower texts to impact society.

Assessment data for the English Program is collected at program-entry and program-exit levels:

  • Program Entry Assessments:
    • Qualifying Writing Assessment
  • Program Exit Assessments:
    • Capstone Writing Assessment
    • Capstone Portfolio

For information about the English Program assessment, please contact Dr. Michelle Gompf.

Concord University Writing Center

Our Writing Center is a place where writers of all levels and in all disciplines can meet with trained peer writing tutors to help them with their work. Peer tutors work one-on-one with writers at all stages of the writing process, from prewriting/brainstorming to final revisions. To learn more about the Writing Center and its hours, please visit our webpage.

Links to other Writing Labs and Sites for Writers

Numerous web sites are available to help you become a better writer. Some of the best include:

  • OWL Resources for Writers – Purdue University offers some of the best information available to improve your writing skills. You will find additional links as well as handouts, advice, practice sheets, and much more. Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • Topics are abundant at the University of Richmond Writer’s Web. This site explores topics by the various stages of the writing process – First Draft, Focusing & Connecting Ideas, General Editing, Peer Editing, Sentence Structure, Using and Documenting Sources. You will also find hints for writing papers in other disciplines.

Need a Dictionary, Thesaurus or Translator? includes “Ask Doctor Dictionary”, Fun & Games, Other Dictionaries (German, Greek, Latin, Spanish, etc.), Roget’s Thesaurus, Translator, Web Directory, Word of the Day and Writing Resources. Dictionary

Doing A Research Paper?

Diana Hacker, author of A Writer’s Reference, supplies you with information on writing all types of research papers. You will find documentation instructions using MLA (Humanities), APA (Social Sciences), Chicago (History) and CBE (Science) styles.

The Modern Language Association is a must for students needing help on citation. MLA ONLINE