Pre-Health Advisory Committee

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee is composed of faculty in the College of Science, Mathematics, and Health that are committed to assisting students on their path to a professional career in the health fields. ​

The mission of this committee is to:​

  • Provide advisory services to pre-health students including structured guidance from freshman to senior year.​
  • Provide a committee-based recommendation letter for eligible professional school applicants.​
  • Examine and assess the pre-health curriculum.​

The committee provides workshops to inform all students about developing a resume, writing a personal statement, and preparing for an interview.​​

At the beginning of the spring semester of their next-to-last year at CU, pre-health students can apply for personalized assistance and a committee letter of recommendation for their professional school applications. ​​

  • Overall GPA of 3.2​
  • Health care/shadowing experience​
  • Applying to professional school in one of the following fields:​
    • Medicine​
    • Physician Assistant ​
    • Veterinary Medicine​
    • Optometry​
    • Dentistry ​
    • Pharmacy ​
    • Physical Therapy​
    • Occupational Therapy​
    • Chiropractic Medicine​

Interested students must notify the committee chair in order to receive application materials.​

A complete application will include the following items:​

  • Student information form​
  • Draft of personal statement​
  • Current resume​
  • Log of shadowing/health care experiences​

Recommendation forms from the following:​

  • Two science faculty​
  • One health care professional that you have shadowing experience with​
  • One individual that can attest to your personal qualities (this should be a professional reference – work supervisor, community service coordinator, etc.)​

After submitting your application to the committee, you will attend a workshop in which you receive feedback on your personal statement. Additionally, you will receive feedback on your resume and conduct a mock interview with the faculty. Throughout the process, you are encouraged to edit your professional school application materials and submit them to faculty for further feedback. At the end of this process, the faculty have gotten to know you quite well and have learned a significant amount about your professional trajectory to write a thorough letter of recommendation on your behalf.​