Concord University’s Alumni Mentor Network


The alumni mentor network, or our Mountain Lion Career Community, is designed to engage students by providing resources that will assist them with achieving their career goals. Our mentors offer invaluable networking opportunities within the student’s chosen career field, information on internship opportunities, and supportive conversation to help them navigate through their academic and career journey.

Our Mountain Lion Career Community has a self-guided format, allowing mentors and students to define their mentoring relationship on their own terms, ensuring all participants have their individual schedules in mind. Join our career community today and engage in a rewarding, career advancing experience that creates lifelong connections.


We understand how difficult balancing school and life can be, let alone your career search. We all have uncertainties and each and every one of us could use advice and guidance from someone we trust. Having access to a mentor with experience and expertise alleviates a lot of anxiety. It also provides answers to a wide variety of life’s questions.

Have comfort in knowing that participating in the mentor network will not take up your valuable study time and in turn will provide you with an experience that could truly change your life. Manage your mentorship on your terms to ensure that both you and your mentor get the most out of the program. Our group of dedicated mentors is ready to help you begin your career journey, so take the step when you’re ready and apply today!


Calling all alums! Would you like to be a part of something special at your alma mater? We’re always looking to grow our Mountain Lion Career Community and would love to have you on our team of skilled mentors. If you have a knack for mentoring or just enjoy helping people, our mentor network would provide the perfect opportunity for a rewarding experience that could help advance your professional portfolio as well. Join today using the link below!

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