Concord Esports Eligibility Requirements

General Eligibility:​

  • 2.0 GPA​
  • Enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits.​
  • Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress, as defined in Concord University’s catalog, toward a recognized degree at Concord University.​
  • Students with a GPA under 2.5 will be required to participate at the Study & Tutoring Center.​
  • Freshman will be required to attend 5 hours of independent study at the Study & Tutoring Center.​

Freshman Acceptance:​

Freshman are eligible if they meet the regular admissions standards found in Concord BOG policy 24. ​
If a student is conditionally admitted to Concord University, they are ineligible their first semester. Eligibility will be granted once the general eligibility above are met.​

The Freshman Rule​: Due to the differences in both difficulty and time commitment between higher education and previous education environments, we have a “Freshman Rule.” The terms are as follows:​ If a freshman drops below a 2.0 GPA at any point in their first two semesters at Concord University, they will proceed into recovery programs. This includes:​

  • Enrollment into CACD/AMP​
  • Increased participation Study & Tutoring​
  • Bi-weekly meetings with the head coach to review homework, tests and calendar timelines​
  • 4 week progress reports on students​


A student may participate five seasons in Esports across 10 semesters, 15 trimesters or 20 quarters of attendance if otherwise eligible. The 10 semesters do not have to be consecutive. ​

A student is eligible for Esports participation on the day following the close of a term, provided the student meets all eligibility requirements for the upcoming term and is properly certified eligible. ​

A student who has completed all academic requirements for graduation from a four-year institution as defined by that institution shall no longer be eligible to compete in intercollegiate Esports. ​

Termination of Eligibility ​

A student who loses eligibility at the end of a term due to graduation becomes ineligible at the end of the week (11:59pm, Saturday) in which the term ends. ​

EXCEPTION: Students who graduate at the close of a fall/winter term and who have qualified for the postseason in any league shall not be required to have been in attendance the immediately preceding term prior to postseason competition to be eligible. The student is subject, however, to any contrary ruling which may be made by the local institution. ​

No student shall be permitted to participate in intercollegiate Esports for more than five seasons in any singular Esport. ​

Any student who has completed eligibility or who has been permanently banned in a given Esport at any four-year institution shall have no eligibility remaining in that Esport within the program. Such a student cannot regain eligibility in that Esport at an institution.