My Room Assignment

After fully completing the Room Reservation process, students will be assigned a room to one of the residence halls at Concord University; Wilson Hall, Mill Street, South Tower, or North Tower. Once a student is assigned a room in a residence hall, they can log into their MyConcordU account to see their room assignment. The student’s room assignment should automatically populate with their assigned building, room, roommate, and roommate contact information. This information will be located in the Housing Assignment widget located on the Dashboard (see below).

  • Students wishing to live on campus, must have an active application with the Office of Admissions before applying to live within the residence halls.
  • Once accepted to the University, students wishing to live on campus must then fill out the Room Reservation Form and pay the $50 room deposit. The Room Reservation Form is a survey that gauges a student’s likes, interests, habits, and intended major to help the Room Assignment Coordinator best select a roommate for an individual. There is an option on this form for an incoming student to put their preferred roommate and/or building. Accommodations will be made according to available space and other’s preferred choices.
  • In order to be assigned a room within the residence halls, students wishing to live on campus must provide the Office of Admissions with their current immunization records per the State of West Virginia.  These can be uploaded into the new student application portal or emailed to
  • Once an application to live on campus is complete, students wishing to live on campus will be assigned a room in the residence halls based on the order of their completed application. A completed application consists of:
    • acceptance to be a student for the upcoming academic term via the Concord University Office of Admissions
    • the Room Reservation Form and the $50 deposit
    • current and complete immunization records consisting of the required immunizations to live in the residence halls
  • All room assignments are completed based on the date the Housing Office receives both the completed room reservation form, housing deposit, and a copy of the student’s immunization records.
  • All assignment requests are diligently reviewed and accommodated if possible.
  • If two people want to be roommates, they must both request each other on the Room Reservation Form.
  • If a roommate is not specifically requested, assignments will be completed based on the student’s preference surveys on the Room Reservation Form.
  • If the building a student selects is at full capacity they will be assigned to another building. Their request will be reviewed again if cancellations occur.
  • If you have a question or issue with your current room assignment, you will need to contact the Room Assignment Coordinator in the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 304-384-5231 or
  • At the beginning of each semester, each residence hall hosts Room Change meetings as part of the Consolidations process. These meetings are typically the first three days of the semester.
  • The Resident Director of each residence hall hosts these meetings in their respective buildings to give residents the opportunity to make changes to their living arrangements while at Concord University.
  • It is suggested that you go to one of the Room Change meetings if you would like to:  request a new roommate, request a roommate because your previously assigned roommate did NOT show up, request to move to a different building, or request a single room.
  • Each Resident Director will make a list of the requests from residential students and attempt to accommodate as long as space allows.
  • As space becomes available in the residence halls, accommodations will be made based on the list of requests collected at the Room Change meetings.
  • After the Consolidations process is completed, residents that have issues with their living arrangements should talk directly to their individual Resident Directors to make accommodations based on their situation.
  • Single rooms are given based on available space within the residence halls.
  • There is no guarantee of a single room from semester to semester.
  • As occupancy changes within the building and space becomes available, requests for single room accommodations can be given out at that time. However, single rooms are given on a first come, first serve basis and available space may dissapate quickly. Residential students wishing to have a single room are encouraged to go to the Room Change meetings at the beginning of the semester and talk to their Resident Director as soon as possible to be put on the single room waiting list.
  • There is an additional fee per semester to have a single room. Please contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life to inquire.

If you have questions about your room assignment please call the Housing Office at 304-384-5231 or email