Residence Hall Services

There are public lounges in each residence hall for students to study and relax in. Please clean up after yourself and report any damaged or missing equipment.

For residents’ safety, each residence hall is equipped with heat and/or smoke detectors, fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers. Please remember tapestries or paper products may never be hung over lights.

Students are strongly encouraged to possess personal property insurance for their belongings. Your family’s insurance agent can inform you whether personal items are covered under your family’s current homeowner’s policy.

Each residence hall has items at their front desk that can be signed out by residents for no fee. They include vacuum cleaner, broom, plunger, limited assortment of tools, and an assortment of board games. All items must be cleaned and sanitized before returning to the residence hall front desk.

Concord University provides direct fiber optic internet access to all residence halls. Wireless internet access is provided throughout the buildings. Personal wireless routers are strictly prohibited. Two portholes, one for each occupant, exist in each residence hall room for hard wiring. Students must provide their own ethernet cable.

Each residence hall is equipped with at least one kitchen containing a full-size sink, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and fire suppression system. The kitchen areas are open to students 24 hours. Students are required to clean up after themselves when using the kitchen area.

Each residence hall contains multiple laundry facilities. The laundry machines are owned and serviced by a private vendor. Our newly installed machines are both coin and credit/debit card operated. Quarters can be obtained at the North Tower Lobby 24 hours per day and Wilson Hall Main Desk from 5:30 pm to 12:00 am. There is a $5.00 limit on change provided in the residence halls.

All residence hall main desks are open between 5:30 p.m. and midnight, daily. Main desk telephone numbers are:

  • North Towers – 304-384-5132
  • South Towers – 304-384-5133
  • Wilson Hall, ALEF I & II, Mill Street – 304-384-5136

Believing that prevention is the most important aspect of pest control, Concord University has shaped a proactive plan to combat unwanted pests. Each residence hall room is treated by a professional exterminator on a regular basis. Preventative pest control measures coupled with good housekeeping, by both professional staff and residential students, is essential to minimizing problems associated with unwanted pests.

In accordance with Concord’s commitment to excellence in education, study lounges are maintained in each residence hall. Many study areas are equipped with direct fiber optic Internet access suitable for laptop computer use.

If there is an issue with your room please report it to a Residence Life staff member, call the Housing Office at 1-304-384-5231, or email us at The sooner we know about a building or room issue the faster we can have the issue resolved and provide our students with the most comfortable living situation possible.

Each residence hall has vending machines which supply food and beverages for student convenience. The vending machines are owned and serviced by local private vendors. There is an ice machine located in the Wilson Hall ground floor Rec Room.