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June 15, 2021


New Accelerated Pathways Focusing on Student Success

ATHENS, W.Va. – Students who want to reach their professional goals sooner could benefit from the accelerated three-year degree pathways now available at Concord University through the CU-Rise program.

Focusing on select majors, these bachelor degree pathways are designed for students eager to enter the workforce or move into professional studies sooner than with traditional four-year undergraduate programs.

Dr. Rodney Tigaa, director of the new CU-Rise program and an assistant professor of chemistry at Concord, explains that the University is committed to helping students successfully navigate the faster pace.  He says this commitment to success will be a joint effort between academics and additional campus offices and departments.

“We’re here to mentor them, support them and provide the resources they need,” he says. “Our main goal is to keep students in mind to see that they have what they need to succeed.”

Students can expect support not only while they are studying at Concord, but also as they prepare to start a job or further their education. Dr. Tigaa says the University is working to strengthen partnerships with graduate and professional schools and to build “a network of recruiters in business or research for students wanting to enter the workforce after completing the program.”

Currently, Concord University offers these accelerated pathways in a variety of majors including:

  • Biology (Biomedical Sciences emphasis)
  • Biology (Organismal and Field emphasis)
  • Biology (Pre-PA or PT emphasis)
  • Chemistry (concentrating in Biochemistry or Professional Chemistry)
  • Chemistry (concentrating in Pre-Pharmacy or Clinical Lab Science)
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Geosciences (concentrating in Public Health, Society and Environment)
  • Health Sciences (Pre-Professional Studies)
  • Psychology (Pre-Professional track)

These programs, considered collectively, provide a substantial launching platform to many areas of post-graduate study in the medical and allied health fields. Following is a partial listing of the fields in which Concord’s three-year graduates could continue their study and eventually be credentialed: Audiology, Biomedical Research, Dental, Ecology, Environmental Science, Genetic Research, Genetic Counseling, Medical Doctorate, Molecular Biology, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Orthotics, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician’s Assistant, Podiatry, Prosthetics, Public Health, Public Health Administration, Psychology, Psychological Counseling, Resource Conservation, Speech Pathology, and Veterinary Medicine.

Prospective students can apply for the program by choosing CU-Rise in response to the “What are you interested in studying?” question on the application for admission to Concord. Current students may work with their academic advisors to see if they qualify for the program.

To learn more about the CU-Rise program at Concord University, please contact Dr. Rodney Tigaa at or 304-384-5297. Information is also available by visiting

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