English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at Concord University are designed to

  1. Prepare students for academic success in mainstream university classes, and
  2. Help students to transition to university and life in America & West Virginia.

English as a Second Language classes at Concord are student-centered. This means that students are active and participate in classes. The ESL courses give attention to grammar, but perfect grammar or grammatical accuracy is not required for meaningful communication in class. We believe speaking and producing language pushes students to learn faster. That is why we promote a classroom atmosphere of tolerance, solidarity, and support. Students feel safe to attempt communication without fear of being judged for making mistakes. Making mistakes is an important part of learning a language if we learn from them.

In short, we offer a program to assist in the adaptation of international students to life in the USA, West Virginia, and at CU (Advanced Cultural Awareness). To assist international students in their first semesters at Concord, the ESL Pathways Program offers bridge courses to give additional support to international students enrolled in mainstream classes.

This track is a combination of ESL and mainstream university courses. Pathways students are ready for university classes in English, but greatly benefit from some ESL instruction and assistance. This track also provides a way for students to meet university language requirements (ITP TOEFL) while simultaneously making progress towards a degree.

  1. ENG 101: Grammar, Compositions and Rhetoric (3 credit hours)
  2. ESL 101: English 101 Support (3 credit hours)
  3. ESL 92: Speaking Fluency Development (2 credit hours)
  4. ESL 95: TOEFL ITP (8 week) (1 credit hour)
  5. UNIV 100: CU Foundations (1 credit hour)
  6. General Education Course (Psychology 101; Sociology 101; Communications 101; History 101) (3 credit hours)
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