A photo of Rodney Tigaa, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Director of our CU Rise Accelerated Three Year Degree Programs, outside of Marsh Hall.

Tigaa, Rodney

Title: Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Director of CU Rise

College: College of Science, Mathematics, and Health

Department: Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences

Phone: 304-384-5297

Discipline: Chemistry

Room: Science 401D

Box: F-19

Tigaa, Rodney


Rodney Tigaa is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. He joined Concord in 2020 from St. Cloud State University and brings a passion for preparing the next-generation of leaders and for scientific discovery. Fun fact: the student population of his undergraduate institution was about half the size that of Concord’s


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Florida State University (2018 – 2019)

Ph.D., Lanthanide Chemistry, University of Nevada-Reno (2017)

B.S., Chemistry, Manchester University (2013)


Think of the vivid colors displayed on your smartphone, flat screen TV, the lighting in your home, or the conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide by the catalytic converter of your car. Most of these technologies will not be possible without the f-elements! These elements possess unique and interesting optical properties. Our research aims to develop cheap, environmentally-friendly, and energy efficient f-element-containing materials for solid state lighting and catalysis applications. Participation in this research gives students hands-on experience in the synthesis of small organic molecules and nanomaterials. Students will also gain knowledge and technical skills through the use of NMR, infrared, UV-Vis absorption, and fluorescence spectroscopy instrumentation. Learn more here: Research Website

Selected Publications (underlined are CU students)