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May 27, 2021


ATHENS, W.Va. – Since entering the esports arena in 2019, Concord University has become a powerhouse in this increasingly popular competitive sport with Concord Esports teams competing – and winning – on the national collegiate level.

Now, esports is the focus of an interdisciplinary degree being offered by the University.

“The Interdisciplinary Studies Esports program enables students to combine concentrations from either HR management or general management with other disciplines such as advertising/graphic design, multimedia production, digital communication, marketing, art, or another discipline of their choosing that will fit their future career goals,” stated Dr. Kathryn Liptak, Associate Provost and Interim Dean of the College of Professional and Liberal Studies.

“The program also introduces the students to esports in general, the esports industry, and enables them to complete an internship in esports during their senior year,” she said.

Dr. Liptak explains how individuals from across campus collaborated to develop this exciting program.

“An interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff that included representation from Business, Sports Management, Advertising/Graphic Design, Multimedia Production, Computer Science, and Concord’s Esports coach met throughout the fall and early spring semesters to tailor the BS in Interdisciplinary Studies degree program for students who are interested in directing, producing, coaching, managing, and/or marketing esports,” she said.

“With us adding this interdisciplinary degree for esports, we are opening the idea of college to more students who may have felt college did not have something for them,” stated Austin Clay, Concord Esports Head Coach. “Now students can take their love of gaming and esports to the next level and work toward a degree that will allow them to work in a field they love.”

“Also, by doing this we have connected the competition side of esports with the business world which will only help improve the esports industry,” he said.

While already working with students on the competitive side of esports, Clay said he is looking forward to expanding his responsibilities.

“I am excited to help these students find themselves a place within the esports industry,” he explained. “I will be helping these students in an advisor’s role and will be teaching some of the esports classes as well.”

He said that adding the esports degree focus “will only improve the esports program that we already have on campus.”

To learn more about Concord University’s Interdisciplinary degree in Esports, please visit

The application for the program may be located by going to Click on Academics, then Academic Forms, then Interdisciplinary Studies – Esports Application.

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