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Residence Hall Policies & Procedures

Concord's Residence Life program is intended to facilitate individual responsibility. However, there are certain restrictions governing residence halls. Students share responsibility with those around them for making their residence hall the best possible place in which to live. In order to maintain health and safety standards, students are responsible for care and cleaning of their rooms as well as for sharing in the cleaning and upkeep of the hall.
Open Visitation of the opposite gender is permitted in every residence hall, with roommate’s consent, every night that the residence halls are officially open. Guests wishing to stay beyond midnight, or overnight, must present a valid ID and sign in at the front desk of the residence hall they will be staying in between 7:00 pm and midnight the night they plan to stay (Sign-in must occur each night someone is staying). Guests arriving after midnight will not be permitted to stay.

The above paragraph is an abbreviated look at the Visitation Policy. A complete version of the policy is found in the Concord University Student Handbook.

Escort Policy: Each visitor(s) of the opposite sex, and any non-Concord student(s), must be accompanied by the host within the residence hall they are visiting at all times. Residents can only serve as a host in the residence hall in which they live. Each resident may escort up to two visitors at a time and must stay with the visitor(s) while the visitor(s) is in the building. Each resident is held accountable for her/his guest(s’)/visitor(s’) on-campus behavior in accordance with University policies and procedures. 

Every guest is subject to University rules and regulations which affirm each student’s right to study, sleep, and privacy.  It is the duty of the resident host to monitor and accept responsibility for the behavior of guests.  The University reserves the right to deny access to any guest if it has been determined that such person has disturbed, disrupted, or endangered any residents.
Waterbeds are not permitted in the residence halls.
Weapons or "look alike"/replica weapons may NOT be housed, or carried into a University residence hall. Possession of rifles and firearms (including BB and paint ball guns), ammunition, firecrackers, and/or explosive materials (including carbide) and similar items such as gas-powered guns (including paint and nail guns), and sharp tipped arrows are strictly prohibited. Hunting equipment should be stored elsewhere; contact your Resident Director or the Public Safety Office with any questions.