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West Virginia Teacher Performance Assessment (WVTPA)

Concord University Teacher Education Candidates are required to complete yearly background checks through CastleBranch. Candidates are required to apply for a background check using CastleBranch’s online ordering system by the first working day in September during the Fall semester, or the first working day in February during the Spring semester. Official results will be provided directly from CastleBranch to the Department of Education Office. The Admission, Retention and Dismissal (ARD) Committee will review unsatisfactory background check results with guidance and council from Concord’s Service Area Superintendents, and the WV Department of Education Certification Office.

Students will not be permitted to begin their clinical experience(s) until background check results are received by the Department of Education Office. Candidate’s whose background check results are clear will be permitted to being placement. Candidate’s whose background check results are unsatisfactory will have their results reviewed by the ARD Committee. Pending review, candidates will be permitted to begin placement, or will be denied placement, resulting in possible course withdraw.

LiveText is an internet-based subscription service that allows students and instructors to “create, share, and collaborate on educational curriculum.” LiveText is used for assignment submission, artifact collection, standards integration, and student assessment in Concord University’s Teacher Education Program. Candidates in Concord University’s Teacher Education Program are required to maintain an electronic portfolio in LiveText for submission of standards-based assignments and to showcase their work. Concord University uses LiveText extensively in all field placements.

Each candidate will need to purchase a LiveText membership, which includes the Field Experience Module, as part of course and clinical experience requirements. LiveText must be purchased by the last working day in August during the Fall semester or the last working day in January during the spring semester. Students will be able to use the same

LiveText accounts are valid for 5 years, or up to one year following graduation, whichever comes first.

If you are a transfer student who has used LiveText at another institution, you will need to e-mail LiveText and request to have your account transferred from your previous institution to Concord University. Make sure to include your username, name of the previous institution, and a phone number where you can be reached. Once your account has been transferred, it will be necessary for you to log in and change your school e-mail address and ID number to the ones provided to you by CU.

For more information on LiveText, please review the following: