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Resources For Local Coordinators

Request media coverage and media relations support by filling out this Communications & Promotional Request.”   

Some examples of when to use the form to request a Press/News Release form include the following:

  • GEAR UP SWV school/county is hosting an event/workshop and wants local reporters/media to attend.
  • A GEAR UP SWV school/student/county has an exciting success story relevant to project goals such as FAFSA completion rates, etc.
  • A GEAR UP SWV student/school/county reaches an exciting milestone.
  • A GEAR UP SWV school/county is looking to engage parent/guardians to actively participation in an event

Request information from your school or county to be shared in the upcoming What’s Up in GEAR UP SWV Digital Newsletter by filling out the Communications & Promotional Request.”   

Some examples of information that Local Coordinators or District Liaisons should submit for the What’s Up in GEAR UP SWV digital newsletter include:

  • GEAR UP SWV student profile submission
  • Introduction to GEAR UP SWV student leaders
  • GEAR UP SWV student essay to reflect on GEAR UP SWV event(s)
  • Outstanding LC achievement
  • Sharing a momentous achievement
  • Invitation for other schools to attend an event
  • Call for help/assistant/collaboration with an upcoming GEAR UP SWV project
  • Outstanding student achievement due in part to GEAR UP SWV work

(Catch up on the latest What’s Up in GEAR UP SWV Digital Newsletter.)

Please note that each submission is a request and might not be featured in the next edition. Email with questions.

Request an update to the GEAR UP SWV webpage,, by filling out the Communications & Promotional Request.”   

Some examples of when to submit a request update the website include:

  • GEAR UP SWV school/county is planning a yearly program for students and you want to share FAQs about the program.
  • Contact information to organizations that provide resources to GEAR UP SWV students and families in your region.
  • Yearly professional development opportunities for GEAR UP SWV teachers.
  • Seeing a typo or confusing or incorrect information on

Submit to GEAR UP SWV Social Media Main Pages

**Always make sure students have permission to be photographed before sharing images.**

  • Include hashtag #GEARUPSWV with a post at your school or county’s page and the content could be shared on the GEAR UP SWV central social media pages.

If you don’t have access to a county or school page, please submit your images with the Communications & Promotional Request” form via messenger on Facebook – GEAR UP SWV.

Always provide date, location, and description of the image in the messenger message. Some examples of when to share images via messenger include:

  • GEAR UP SWV students/school/county attends a college for a visit
  • GEAR UP SWV students/school/county hosts a program/event without media coverage

Images could be used on the following sites:

<liYouTube – @GEARUPSouthernWestVirginia


Promote your National GEAR UP Week events and themes! 

2024 National GEAR UP Week Toolkit coming soon!

The kit could include:

  • GEAR UP SWV communication summary statements
  • Summary of National GEAR UP Week
  • Ways to get involved on social media including a list of GEAR UP SWV sites, hashtags, national themed days, and more
  • Press/News release template
  • Photo Opportunity flyer
  • Blank thank you card to send to congress

GEAR UP SWV Central Office Staff

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Womack, Sheila Barnhart
GEAR UP SWV Assistant Director
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Ashford, Lesley
GEAR UP SWV Finance and Contracts Manager
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Doty, Jessica
GEAR UP SWV Communications Manager / Cheerleading Coach
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Frame, Jennifer
Frame, Jennifer
GEAR UP SWV Partnership Coordinator
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Puckett, Tracy
Puckett, Tracy
GEAR UP SWV Partnership Coordinator
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Robinson, Catrice
Robinson, Catrice
GEAR UP SWV Family Engagement Coordinator
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Williams, Kristen
Williams, Kristen
IHE Local Coordinator for GEAR UP SWV
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Wilson, Marcus
Wilson, Marcus
GEAR UP SWV Administrative Assistant
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Mills, Tammy
GEAR UP SWV Coordinator and Community Outreach