Welcome to the Career Development Center!

Career Development Mission

Our mission is simple. We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools needed to ensure your success in an internship, a job opportunity, a career, or beyond. We can’t go to the interview with you and we won’t be the one that gets the call when you’ve been hired but we CAN give you the guidance and advice to make sure your employment journey starts out right.

Things like resume writing, interview skills, workshops, job searches, and career/personality surveys are all part of what we offer in the Career Services office.  Stop by today to see how we can help you along your way!


As part of the mission of Concord University’s Career Development Center, we are committed to assisting students and alumni with making the transition from academic pursuits to a successful career path or graduate school.  The Career Development Center offers a variety of resources from initial career assessment tools to professional career preparation.

These are some of the many things we do and services we offer:

More information about how to prepare for a job interview coming soon!

More information about how to write a resume coming soon!

No upcoming workshops at this time; check back later!

Meet Our Staff

The staff at the CACD are committed to helping all CU students achieve success! You can reach us at 304-384-6074cacd@concord.edu, or by contacting one of the individual staff members listed here:

Lewis, Phil
Lewis, Phil
Director of Career Services
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Womack, Sheila Barnhart
Womack, Sheila Barnhart
Director of Student Success (CACD)
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