Safe Zone

Established in 2009, the Concord University Safe Zone program strives to eliminate homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism on campus by creating and encouraging safe and secure spaces for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning (LGBTQ) students, faculty, and staff. This program seeks to identify LGBTQ allies on campus and make it easier for people in need to find them.

Concord faculty, administrators and staff interested in joining the Safe Zone program can do so by completing a short online training covering LGBTQ topics such as hate crimes, purpose of safe zones, definition of terms, and member responsibilities.

Upon completion of the training, new allies will receive a Safe Zone sticker and be added to the Directory. Each Safe Zone member is expected to attach the Safe Zone sticker to their office door or another highly visible location in their work area. The sticker allows those seeking help or advice to find it without fear.

For current Safe Zone participants, on this website you can find a variety of Faculty Resources for helping our LGBTQ students. Additionally there are Student Resources and information about the Concord Gay-Straight Alliance.

Thank you for your interest in Safe Zone and helping make Concord a safer place for everyone!

The response to the Safe Zone program has been so positive that our wonderful students also wanted the opportunity to be identified as allies. The following students have completed the Safe Zone training:

  • Molly Bates
  • Rachel Bohannan
  • Cody Boone
  • Carley Fisher
  • Damon Frazier
  • Charles Goss
  • Ryan Johnston
  • Sarun Junsiri
  • Jeremiah Kas
  • Tyler Kerr
  • Kelsey Leadman
  • Reginald Mallory
  • Cassandra Molchanoff
  • Garrett Mustard
  • Marie Owens
  • Micaela Ramsey
  • Jordan Robinson
  • Paul Smith
  • Hannah Stevens
  • Jesse Stevens
  • Lauren Stevens
  • Laken Sutton
  • Crystle Taylor
  • Akintunde Thomas
  • Charles Wallace
  • Leanne Watson
  • Andrew Weiss
  • Bill Wright

Concord University Faculty, Administrators and Staff

Safe Zone is a way to identify LGBTQ allies in the Concord community and provide those allies, and the people who seek them out, support and information. By designating your office as a Safe Zone, those seeking help or advice can find it without fear or having to justify themselves.

We encourage you to complete this short training and become a Safe Zone for Concord students. Topics covered include the purpose of Safe Zone, LGBTQ hate crimes statistics, common language, and member guidelines. We promise, this training should take no more than 10 – 15 minutes.

After completing the training, you will receive a Safe Zone sticker to be displayed on your office door and be included in the Safe Zone Directory.

At this time, Safe Zone training is limited to Concord University faculty, administrators and staff. 

Our Staff

Allen, Shawn
Allen, Shawn
Associate Professor of Social Work
Beasley, Sarah
Beasley, Sarah
Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Davis, Charlotte
Davis, Charlotte
Associate Professor of Management

Gompf, Michelle
Gompf, Michelle
Professor of English/Chair, Department of Humanities
Griffee, Karen
Griffee, Karen
Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Hawthorne Allen, Alice
Hawthorne Allen, Alice
Professor of Physics, College Dean, and Director for the Center of Teaching and Learning
Howard, Sally
Howard, Sally
Department of Social Sciences Chair / Professor of Political Science
Jewell, Eric
Jewell, Eric
Assistant Director of Physical Plant Operations
Luff, Tracy
Luff, Tracy
Professor of Sociology/Dir. of Honors Program

McKenna, Thomas
McKenna, Thomas
Professor of History and Philosophy
Pace, Lori
Pace, Lori
Instructor of Criminology
Pendergast, Joan
Pendergast, Joan
Professor of Social Work / Title IX Coordinator
White, James
White, James
Professor of Political Science
Whittaker, Sarah
Whittaker, Sarah
Distinguished Professor of Social Work

Workfield, Khalilah
Workfield, Khalilah
Assistant Director of Residence Life