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Student Organizations & Greek Life

Student Organizations

Concord University is comprised of many elements and one of the most important is the various student organizations that add so much to the diversity of the campus.

Deciding to join a University student organization offers many opportunities and allows you the chance to make a difference both on and off campus.

Certain facilities and services are available to student organizations to enhance their efforts to be successful members and contributors to the campus.  

For assistance or further information, please come by the Student Center Office, Jean & Jerry Beasley Student Center, Room 203.

Greek Life

Greek Life represents a part of campus life here at Concord University. Greek fraternities and sororities promote scholarship, provide numerous leadership opportunities, and participate in a wide variety of community service activities throughout the year. CU Greek organizations also provide members with the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships that enhance their college experience.

Each of the Greek organizations is made up of unique and diverse individuals. Involvement in CU Greek Life can be a positive contribution to your college days. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, and make lifelong friends throughout the different Greek organizations. Greek organizations also offer support and can make your college life easier by enhancing your academic, personal, and social development. Being a member of a fraternity or sorority can enrich your years here at Concord University. Meet people, be yourself, and go Greek!


Pages linked under student organizations are not maintained by Concord web services. It is the responsibility of each organization to maintain its own website. Concord web services maintains the right to suspend, disable, or delete any out-of-date web site or any web site which has not renewed its contract for this academic year.

All organizations that are active on campus must submit a current officers and faculty sponsor form to the Student Center Office at the beginning of the fall semester. Organization information is subject to change.



Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity was formally organized to serve
as a national organization, uniting college men who wished to
share in the spirit of true friendship and brotherhood. Years of
fraternity experience and know-how laid the foundation of this new
national fraternity.


Sigma Tau Gamma enjoys a rich heritage. Our longevity is attributable,
in great measure, to the dedication and vision of generations
of men who have come before us. These men worked to ensure that
you would be given the opportunity they enjoyed – to become part
of a noble and courageous generation of men.


Tau Kappa Epsilon is a brotherhood of men who support each
other’s mental, moral, social development. Members value
scholarship, character, leadership, teamwork, service, and
brotherhood. We aim to make a positive difference in society and
become better people in the process.



Alpha Sigma Alpha promotes high ideals and standards for its
members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among
our four aims of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development.
Alpha Sigma Alpha provides opportunities through
sisterhood, heritage, leadership and service.


Alpha Sigma Tau invests in women by instilling the skills necessary
to navigate life, and inspire members to enrich their own lives and
the lives of others. We are proud to have continually promoted the
ethical, cultural, social, and professional development of our


Guided by their organizational purpose, Delta Zeta inspires,
promotes and nutures: Enduring friendships, Personal development,
Leadership excellence, Innovative growth. Delta Zeta aims to
be a premier women’s organization by creating an enriching
environment which is essential for all, and empowering our
members for life.


The mission of Tri Sigma is to establish among its members a
perpetual bond of friendship, to develop in them strong womanly
character, and to impress upon them high standards of conduct.
Our mission guides us. It is not just printed words but something
each member takes seriously and strives to live daily.

Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee consists of students and the Director of the Student Center. This group works hard to bring Concord great programming at very reasonable prices. Events include comedians, special interest speakers, musicians, game shows, free giveaways, educational seminars, etc. All students are encouraged to join SAC to give input into the scheduling so that we offer a wide variety of interesting entertainment events to the entire Concord community. Contact for more information.

  • Spring 2019 Activities
    • Winter Formal
    • Friday Night at the Movies
      • Groundhog Day
      • Jaws
      • Back to the Future
      • Dirty Dancing
    • Black History Month-Selma
    • Comedian Glen Tickle
    • Acoustic Concert-Christian O'Conner & Anthony Cubbage
    • St. Patrick Day Duck Hunt
    • Louis Paul "The Balloon Man"
    • Music Concert--Diane Chittester
    • Lip Sync Battle!
    • Music Concert – Bicycle Band
    • Theatrical Performance – Charlie Chaplin
    • Music Concert – Andy Crawford
    • Snakes Alive! (reptile presentation)
    • Free Snow Tubing at Winterplace Ski Resort
  • Fall 2020 Activities
    • Acoustic Karaoke
    • Free Rock Climbing & Mini Golf
    • Tactical Laser Tag
    • World Champion Paul Gerni (Pool Demonstration and Workshop)
    • Black-Light Roller Skating
    • Scarowinds Trip
    • Talent Show
    • Comedian Derrick Knopsnyder
    • Big Outdoor Drive-In Movie
Student Government Association

We, the students of Concord University, being fully aware of the responsibilities, obligations, rights, and privileges we possess as members of the Concord University Community, do hereby promise to maintain an organization to represent student interests, opinions, and actions at Concord University.

Check out the  SGA website

  • The Student Government Association is comprised of 3 branches
    • Executive
    • Judicial
    • Legislative
  • These three branches work cohesively to effectively give the students a voice.
  • We hold our Senate meetings every Wednesday at 4 pm in the State Room, and any student is welcome to come and voice his or her opinion on business.
  • If a student cannot make this time, the executives have office hours which will be posted on the outside of the SGA office located on the ground floor of the Student Center.
  • Students are encouraged to get involved and participate in the student government because it shows the administration that we have a voice, we are concerned, and we want a say.

Advising and Student Organization Guidelines

The up-to-date student organization handbook is now available. This document contains forms, applications, policies, definitions, and helpful tips for successful student organizations.

Student Organizations